A downloadable game for Windows

A short game about the struggle numbats face, mainly due to human influence. The controls are simple:

A and D for movement, Space for jumping, and e for eating termites.

With XBOX controller it's A for jumping and X for eating.

Install instructions

Simply extract the files and launch the exe


TheWayHomeBuildv1.1.zip 46 MB


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Great visuals and experience. the end chase really displayed the helplessness of your situation as you have no choice but to try and run for your life. I think adding more puzzles would increase user enjoyment but might change the experience.

There was also a glitch where when I entered the title screen again after playing the game and my cursor was not visible.

Thank you for trying out my game, and thanks for the feedback. Yeah I know there's quite a few bugs like that, I unfortunately lost my final patch when my computer crashed which caused many of them to reoccur, and the due date was close on the horizon :). Yeah with further development I'd add more puzzles, add some more verticality, and if possible get some actual modelers and/or animators to help make assets (especially the cat) so that I could focus on improving the gameplay.

Early in the development process I made a mistake by choosing to use Unity's inbuilt physics system, which was very hard to handle, and in hindsight I wish I had manually controlled the numbats location and rotation at all times.